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Tree and landscaping spotlight in DFW:

Perovskia (Russian sage)

Height: 3-5 ft
Spread 1 1/2 ft
Flowers late summer to early fall
Any well drained soil
Sunny site
Hardy zones 6-8

This hardy subshrub, which from a distances resembles a tall, leggy lavender, is excellent for growing in alkaline soils and coastal gardens. Spikes of violet blue flowers, which appear in late summer to early fall, are its main attraction. They are set off by coarsley toothed gray green leaves smelling of sage. Russian sage looks most effective in a mass planting.

Diseases: Trouble free
Propagation: Take 3 in long heel cuttings of lateral shoots in midsummer and root in a cold frame.
Cultivation: Plant in late fall or early spring in a sunny site. In spring, cut the stems down to 1-1/12 ft above the ground.

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