Ginko Biloba Tree Info from DFW Tree Trimming – Learn More:

Deciduous – Sun
Ht.  50′  Spread 30′
Spacing 20’40’

Habit:  Unique, open branching tree with vibrant yellow fall colors.  Foliage is a medium green, fan shaped, and beautiful.  Light-color bark and slow growth.

Culture:  Any well-drained soil.  Doesn’t like solid rock.  Moderate water and attention are needed.

Uses:  Shade tree, fall color, distinctive foliage.  Medicinal herb from the foliage has been shown to enhance brain and overall mental functions.

Problems:  Female fruit can have a sour odor and grow slower.

Notes:  Also called maidenhair tree.  One of the oldest trees on earth and can be found on virtually every continent.  Believed to have originated in China from fossil records.