Tree Spotlight – The Quercus (Oak) Tree

Height at 25 years: 15-40 ft
When mature: 100 ft
Spread varies, usually equal to height
Deciduous broadleaf
Hardy zones
Features: foliage, fruits, attractive form

Synonymous with strength, the oak tree is one of the longest lived and grandest additions to any landscape. The oak’s branches may run straight out 50 ft from the trunk, seemingly immune to gravity.

But if the wood is tough, the roots are not, and oaks are typically sensitive to both transplanting and disturbing of soil. When treated well, however, an oak tree is a premier shade tree and many of the species grow surprisingly fast.

Quercus alba (white oak) is an American species, growing 50-80 ft tall with an equal spread. Other types of oak include scarlet oak, pin oak, willow oak and English oak.

Please link to this page for reference on the Oak tree and varieties Quercus coccinea, quercus palustris and more.