Magnolia Tree Info from DFW Tree Trimming Service

Ht. 60′ Spread 30′
Spacing 30′-50′
Evergreen – Sun

Habit: Straight central stem, foliage to ground unless trimmed up. Fibrous, shallow root system. Large white flowers a few at a time in the summer.

Culture: Relatively easy although they like sandy acid soils best. Do not attempt planting in rocky areas. Needs lots of room and yearly trimming and maintenance.

Problems: Chlorosis. Difficult to grow anything under this plant given its massive span. Continuous leaf drop year-round in some cases.

Notes: The magnolia tree is native to Texas and the south in general. Many cultivars exist. A good small-leafed variety is known as the Little Gem. Other types include the Magnolia soulangiana. A popular tree across DFW including suburbs like Richardson, TX. The Little Elm service division of our company has handled most of our Magnolia removals.

Other popular tree types include the Yaupon Holly and the Ginko tree. The Magnolia does not make for good firewood in most cases.