Tree Removal

Whether you need emergency tree removal, the scheduled removal of diseased or damaged trees or need to make way for new construction, we’re the Dallas, TX tree removal experts.

Tree Trimming

Our goal is to always prune at the right time and in the right way to provide the desired results, maintain the health of the tree and offer lasting results that will please you more than you ever imagined.

Root Barrier

When a tree is determined to be too close to your home or commercial building’s foundation, a root barrier can allow you to save the foundation and save the tree from having to be removed too.

Deep Root Feeding

Maintain the health of your trees even in harsh conditions with deep root feeding. A process creates a grid of nutrients from which your trees can draw what they need for months.

Stump Grinding

Unlike pulling, stump grinding is safe for foundations and can get rid of stumps that won’t budge otherwise. It can be the best way possible to get rid of stubborn stumps and return a former tree site to usefulness.

Cable and Bracing

Cabling or bracing isn’t used as often as it once was, but there are times when these supportive processes can be just the thing to dramatically decrease the risk that a tree will fail in bad weather.

Tree Sales and Planting

We’re experienced at helping clients like you choose the best trees for properties of all kinds and making sure they’re planted correctly for good results.


If you’re looking for firewood for sale in Dallas, TX or the surrounding area, let us serve you. We have a constant supply of high-quality seasoned oak firewood available for sale.