Yaupon Holly Tree Care and Trimming Info from DFW Tree Trimming

aka Ilex vomitoria

Evergreen – Sun/Shade
Ht.  20′ Spread 20′
Spacing 10′-15′

Habit:  Bushy unless trimmed into tree form. Light-color bark, interesting branching.  Red berries in winter on female plants.

Culture:  Easy in all soils.  Drought tolerant but grows much faster when irrigated regularly.  Can stand fairly wet soil in Dallas.

Uses:  Ornamental understory or specimen  tree.  Good for courtyards and small garden spaces.

Problems:  Occasional leaf miners in summer – nothing serious.

Notes:  Native to Central Texas but popular in North Texas due to a similar climate.

Get a tree trimming quote on your Yaupon Holly today!  The Yaupon is a popular tree in suburbs like Plano and Carrollton.